5 Ways to Help Your Mom Succeed in Business

Contributed by by Kelsey Poelker

1. Be Quiet
Be very quiet when your mom is on the phone. It will keep you out of trouble and on her good side.

2. Ask questions
Ask your mom if you can do anything for her. Ask what she is doing and how, then in the future you can do it, too. Ask her to teach you things about what she does.

3. Be patient
Does it seem like your mom is always on the phone? How about the computer? Well, be patient, your time will come. The less you bother her the faster they get done and can spend time with you.

4. Share and be supportive
Be supportive of your mom when she shares exciting news about her business with you; celebrate with her. She is excited—you should be, too.

5. Keep busy
Keep yourself busy and stay out of trouble. Your time will come faster if you do something to keep yourself occupied. Consider doing the following to help keep you busy.

a. Read a book – try reading a book, it will pass the time. Find a book that is interesting. The more interesting it is the busier you will be.
b. Draw or color – color in a coloring book or draw a picture. It is fun and you will have something to give to your mom. You can even hang it on the fridge or in her office.
c. Watch T.V. – make sure the volume doesn’t bother your mom while she’s working. Put it on something you enjoy watching. If you have a sibling make sure you agree on what to watch so there is no fighting.
d. Invite a friend over – have a friend come over to keep you busy. Stay out of your mom’s way. Play in your room or in another area where she can’t hear you.
e. Play with your toys – make sure you are quiet. You could even play with a sibling. Stay quiet but be sure to have fun.

About the Author

Kelsey Poelker, now entering her senior year in high school, wrote this article as an 8th grade student. Kelsey is a Junior Virtual Assistant for Another 8 Hours. Since 2000 she has been finding ways to support her mom in her business.


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