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Opportunities Abound for the Administrative Assistant To Work From Home

Administrative assistants are moving from the office back into their homes as the opportunities for working in a home-based environment are growing daily. As modern technology allows for the transfer of information quickly and easily, administrative professionals are finding it has never been easier to do the office work at home. Letters, memos and reports…


5 Tips to Grow Your Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

There’s nothing like owning your own business. There is the thrill of landing new clients; the joy of getting emails from those you work with who love the results they are getting. And then, there’s that rush you get when you look at your bank account balance and for once it doesn’t make you want…


7 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make In Doing PR

A Publicity VA is a virtual assistant who adds the niche “Publicity” to their VA business. It’s basically working to get more press for your clients. It can be as simple as sending out articles and press releases, to providing more complex services such as creating entire media campaigns and pitching the media. It’s effectively…


HELP! I’m Buried and I Can’t See My Clients

Tired of spending more than half your time behind a desk buried in paperwork? How long has it been since you spent the majority of your week on revenue generating tasks? When is the last time you paid a personal visit to your top ten clients? Amidst the Internet craze, millions of email exchanges, and…


Top 8 Ways a VA Can Save Time for Sales Professionals: How a VA can give you 225 more hours in front of your clients… Part 2

In Part I of this two-part series, I shared with you the time and cost-saving benefits of partnering with a virtual assistant, or VA. Part II covers the specific tasks that your VA can handle for you while you spend your time generating revenue, or taking some much-needed time for yourself. These Top 8 Ways…


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