Become a Virtual Assistant

Scott Stratten is a speaker, trainer, and coach who encourages the use of VAs to his clients, in addition to utilizing his own VA. Scott had this to share with us. “It amazes me when I talk to some clients about hiring a VA to help ease their stress and time management issues. They usually throw up the wall of ‘can’t afford it’ or ‘I don’t have time to find one’. In reality, those are the reasons WHY YOU NEED ONE! I teach people to value their time and delegate tasks that aren’t crucial to be a part of. If they have too much on their plate, they need a VA to sit at the table with them and help clear it or they’ll never finish.” Scott is the President of Un-Marketing and Work Your Life.

Additionally, your clients can escape the hidden costs of having an employee, such as payroll taxes, sick time, chatting around the water cooler time, down time, and breaks. Since all VAs have their own office, clients don’t have to pay for additional office equipment, computers or software. Also, clients no longer have to pay vacation time, holiday pay, and expensive benefit packages.

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