Virtual Assistant Training

Academy of Virtual Professionals

Before you jump into training:

When seeking a qualified training instructor or program be sure to check the references of former students. Here are some questions you might want answers to:

  • Is the instructor a practicing VA?
  • What is their background?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have prior experience in training?

Virtual Assistant Training Opportunities

Academy of Virtual Professionals

Enhance Learning… Embrace Technology! – Thinking Out of the Cube and Into the Tube.  This training program utilizes our book and workbook, Virtual Assistant – The Series, and is the brainchild of Virtual Assistant – The Series co-author, Kelly Poelker.

Academy of Virtual Professionals is the premier learning center for virtual professionals to enhance or develop their small business management skills. Through an online environment with the support of an instructor and subject matter experts students can study a myriad of subjects pertaining to small business management and professional development. While classes are geared toward those working in a virtual environment some students may benefit in any workforce or for personal development.

Colleges and Universities currently using Virtual Assistant – The Series in their curriculum:


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