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Master Your Virtual Assistant Business—Choose the Right Niche

To niche or not to niche? That is the question weighing heavily on the minds of most new VAs. Let’s take a look at some of the specialties, or virtual assistant niches, where one might find their particular skills and experience fit perfectly.  From bookkeeping to publicity and everything in between the opportunities are endless….


Virtual Assistant The Series Chat

Chat with Kelly and Diana!   That’s right… we’re bringing back our chat. Starting August 28th you’ll have the opportunity to jump on the phone with both of us and get your questions answered. We realize everyone is busy so we’re going to make it a brief 30-minute chat where we can address one or…


Is It Live or Is It Twittorex?

I’ve been on a tangent with colleagues and clients regarding the automation of social networking and all the buzz of “authenticity.” So much so that I’ve threatened for months to write a blog post about it. Well, after hearing Scott Stratten speak this week at the Social Media Club of St. Louis, a stop on his current Unbook tour, he reminded me that you write a blog post when you have something to say, and I do, so here it is…


Press Release Submission Sites

As referenced in Virtual Assistant – The Series. Here is a list of press release submission sites:

PR Log


Rocket Science or Simple Math?

In the traditional sense of a 40-hour workweek, it’s possible to gross six figures as a virtual assistant. It’s not rocket science – it’s simple math!


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