Checklist for Building Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2015

Let’s forget all the New Year, New You and all those resolutions you will never keep. Let’s get right into business and talk about what you need to do to grow your virtual assistant business in the New Year.

Who’s ready?

These tips will help you to not only maintain your current level of success, but also take your business to a whole new level. The sky is the limit!

checkmarkRedWebsite – Yes, the hub where everyone goes to once they hear about you – your business website. They found you, what happens next? Do they feel confident you are the right VA for them and immediately look to the contact page to reach out to you? Or do they retreat quickly because what’s on the site scares the daylights out of them. It’s riddled with typos, looks like it came right out of the 90’s, and even if they did want to connect with you, they can’t see how. So step one in your VA Checklist, review your website and make the necessary improvements. Are you making it easy to do business with you? Does your site reflect the quality of your work and effectively convey what you can do for clients?

checkmarkRedReferrals – Most virtual assistants will tell you that a majority of the work they receive comes from a connection made with another VA. Why? Because VAs are a unique bunch and they love helping out. And besides, when they connect you, they look good. Win/Win

Now that brings us to how can you get those awesome referrals. First, be active online and connect. Second, let others know what you do and always do a brilliant job at it. Third, have a referral plan in place for when you do get referrals, which includes a generous thank you for the referral. And finally, refer others yourself. People love to extend the favor back to you when you do. Take the time to visit other VA sites and make note of areas where they specialize so you always have a resource to offer clients when the need arises. Virtual Assistants are all about collaboration.

checkmarkRedOwn  Your Niche – But Be Willing It Change It Up  – Yes, it’s important to be known by what you do, however, don’t feel that you can only do those things. Often in business we get burned out doing the same ole’, same ole.’ Know that it’s AOK to mix it up a bit and add new services. In fact, that’s what can help keep the passion in your business. Now we aren’t saying, every year to change what you do. What we are saying is as you grow, commit to doing more. Your business will continue to evolve over time. First and foremost keep your target audience in mind.

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