Top 8 Ways a VA Can Save Time for Sales Professionals: How a VA can give you 225 more hours in front of your clients… Part 2

In Part I of this two-part series, I shared with you the time and cost-saving benefits of partnering with a virtual assistant, or VA. Part II covers the specific tasks that your VA can handle for you while you spend your time generating revenue, or taking some much-needed time for yourself.

These Top 8 Ways were developed based on what I have identified as some of the biggest time-wasters for sales professionals. This list is in no particular order.

1. Email management
Email can be both beneficial and detrimental in conducting business today. It can be a distraction and a major time-hog. Turn your email off and let your VA screen your email. The VA can get rid of all the unwanted messages, handle routine responses and designate a special folder, or even a separate email address, where messages are placed that need your attention.
2. Paperwork
Paperwork comes in many shapes and sizes. Aahhh…the vision and grandeur of a paperless office – NOT! While we’d like to think we can do away with paper it’s not as easy as it might sound. Your VA can be instrumental in organizing your mail, call reports, sales reports, faxes, and forms. Your VA can even do your filing. Yep, believe it or not, the filing— it really can be done without the VA being in your office.
3. Following up on leads
How many times have you gone to a trade show, returned to the office with a pile of leads, and never took the time to follow up on those leads? My hope for you is never, but, unfortunately, it does happen. Don’t let those leads fall through the cracks. Your VA can enter them into your database as well as work with you to qualify the leads and organize them accordingly for follow up in person, or otherwise.
4. Sales meetings – planning and preparation
Meetings, meetings, and more meetings; at times you think you’re meeting to talk about the meeting. The good news is you don’t have to spend the 48 hours prior to start time (with no sleep) preparing for the meeting. Call on your VA to prepare your presentation, put together any handouts, and do whatever research that needs to be done. If you’re the one running and planning the meeting your VA can be instrumental in making all the arrangements, coordinating attendees, and ensuring that all attendees get the most out of the meeting in the least amount of time.
5. Literature fulfillment and mailings
Satisfying literature requests can take up a great deal of time. Your VA can prepare and ship your literature packets to potential or existing clients. Maybe you have a new product or service to announce? Let your VA prepare the mailing list, assemble the information packet, create the mailing, and take it to the post office for you.
6. Contact management
Contact management systems are great but it takes a lot of time to keep them updated in order to remain effective. Let your VA maintain your database while you spend your time meeting with your contacts.
7. Marketing materials
Creating just the right look and feel of your marketing materials can be both costly and time consuming. Your VA can be instrumental in coordinating your brand across all marketing material. Whether it be coordinating the work with your vendor of choice or utilizing the expertise of your VA, you can be sure that you will look good in the eyes of prospects and clients.
8. Sample management
If a prospect requests a sample then chances are you’ve generated a solid lead. No time to spend following up on those samples? Unsure of whether a sale was generated? Not a problem. Your VA can implement a system for tracking and following up to ensure you’re getting the most out of your samplings.
© 2003 Kelly Poelker
Kelly Poelker is a certified Master Virtual Assistant, President of Another 8 Hours, Inc. and Co-Author of
Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. To learn more about how to utilize a virtual assistant visit her website at
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